The 5 Best Drum Sander Reviews [Updated for 2021]

Best Drum Sander

When it comes to sanders, you will find that there are various types available out there. But if you need one to sand your wood flooring to a smooth and shiny finish, then a drum sander is a must-have for you right now.

This is a powerful and handy machine, which will be a great addition to your woodworking tool collection. But if you want to make the best out of it, then you will need the best drum sander.

However, the quest to find the best one for your work can often be challenging, especially if you don’t have adequate knowledge regarding this. That is why we are here to help you out throughout the process.

We have handpicked the five best ones available in the market right now while including all the necessary details regarding them. Moreover, we have also included a buying guide, so you will know what to look for.

Without further delay, let’s start looking.

5 Best Drum Sanders Reviews 2021

You can’t get a drum sander without knowing adequate details regarding it. That is why we have selected the top drum sanders available in the market right now while providing all the necessary information. You can pick one easily now!

1. Powermatic PM2244 1-3/4 hp Drum Sander

Accuracy is one of the essential aspects when it comes to sanding — and it surely isn’t a feature you would want to overlook. So, here’s a powermatic pm2244 that provides optimal accuracy along with a lot more, which makes it the best drum sanders on the market.

To provide consistent performance and exceptional strength at all times, the drum carriage is made of cast iron. This material can withstand heavy workloads without any hassle whatsoever; also, it ensures longevity like no other.

On the other hand, the product comes with feed logic, which prevents powermatic pm2244 overload while producing exceptional finish at all times. Hence, even with large projects, this drum sanders will operate smoothly, while delivering the best.

What sets this product apart from its counterparts is its absolute depth scale. These features provide an additional height reading, which will let you work more accurately, and hence, produce more efficient results.

Apart from all that, working with this tdrum sanders is highly convenient. It comes with a control panel that will let your view the power, belt speed, and DRO of the machine. Furthermore, the steel hood with a 4-inch dust port also makes clean-up easier for you.

The sandpaper suitable for this drum sander is expensive, and it tears at the end a bit too much, which can be inconvenient for the users. On the other hand, you cannot adjust the conveyor table, which can interfere with the quality of your work.


  • Provides consistent performance and exceptional strength
  • Prevents machine overload while producing excellent finish
  • Offers an additional height reading
  • You can view the power, belt speed and DRO in its control panel
  • Effortless collection of dust


  • Sand paper tears a bit too much at the end
  • Conveyor table cannot be adjusted

2. Jet JWDS-1020 Benchtop Drum Sander

Drum sanders can be quite costly, and if you are going to get one, then you should make sure that it’s worth the investment. While not all products guarantee that, this one does, and that is what makes it the best drum sander for the money.

When it comes to consistency and durability, this product is unmatchable. It comes with sturdy die-cast aluminum and steel body that will make sure you get to execute your tasks smoothly, without having to worry about the machine breaking down.

On the other hand, you can adjust the conveyor bed to a flat position quite quickly, thanks to its parallelism adjust dial features. This aspect will make sanding much more convenient for you, and you will not have to take any extra hassle at all.

Choosing the optimal feed rate with this drum sanders is as easy as it can get. The variable speed control feature will allow you to make adjustments quickly. Moreover, the open-end design will enable 20-inch of sanding capacity with only two passes.

Cleaning up after a sanding session can be really messy, and this drum sanders takes care of that quite well with its patented dust hood. This part will make sure all the dust goes to the 4-inch collection port, so you can just complete sanding and relax.

However, replacing the belt of the drum sanders is quite difficult, since the hold-down clips are poorly designed. On the other hand, the drum sander can shut-off while you are in the middle of your work, which can be inconvenient.


  • Durable and executes tasks smoothly
  • Conveyor bed can be adjusted to a flat position quickly
  • You can choose the optimal feed rate conveniently
  • Enables 20-inch of sanding capacity with two passes
  • Collects all the dust in its 4-inch port


  • Belt cannot be replaced
  • drum sanders might shut down in the middle of work

3. SUPERMAX TOOLS Drum Sanders with Flatness Guarantee, (SUPMX-71938-D)

Sanding can get quite hassle-some if the machine does not produce consistent results. Keeping that in mind, this product has been made which promises consistency and a lot of other stunning aspects that you will find out about in this review.

One of the essential benefits of this drum sanders is that it will prevent burning, gouging, or damaging the stock. In fact, it will also adjust the conveyor speed automatically based on workload. Working with a drum sander couldn’t get more effortless.

Even with changing grain patterns and different densities, this product will not fail to provide a consistent finish. This aspect will make sure all your projects are executed properly while producing amazing results at all times.

What sets this drum sander apart from its counterparts is that it largely increases the dimensioning speed and abrasive planing according to your sanding requirements. Hence, all your tasks will be delivered accurately without any hassle.

Furthermore, you will be able to make height adjustments with utmost ease, and the drum sander yet will never go out of alignment. With its convenient alignment feature, you will be able to make changes without losing much time or sweat.

Replacing the drive belt is quite impossible, as the product does not come with adequate instructions regarding that. Moreover, you may have to spend a lot of time on it making adjustments, which can be frustrating.


  • Prevents burning, gouging, or damaging the stock
  • Adjusts the conveyor speed automatically based on workload
  • Provides consistent finish at all times
  • Increases dimensioning speed and abrasive planing
  • Effortless height adjustments with convenient alignment features


  • Does not include adequate instructions on replacing the drive belt
  • Takes time to make adjustments

4. Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 16-32 Plus 20 Amp Service

If you haven’t used a drum sander before, then you’d want to get one that is effortless to use and easy to assemble. Fortunately, here’s a product that offers both of these aspects. Learn more about its fantastic features in this review.

Heat damage is one of the disadvantages of sanding — but not with this tool. It comes with an aluminum drum that is dynamically balanced, extruded, and precision-machined. This aspect allows it to protect the work surface by dissipating heat.

Moreover, the conveyor bed parallelism can be conveniently adjusted without any tools. All you have to do is turn the dial on the outside of the bed. In fact, the dial also has a stop that will restore the conveyor bed to a flat position quickly.

What makes the tool even better is that it comes with sandsmart control, which regulates the speed of the conveyor motor by monitoring its load. This feature allows it to maintain a maximum feed rate without the machine overloading.

Moreover, the drum sanders comes with a unique dust collection system that will make cleaning up not a matter of concern for you. The dust hood contains a channel that has the shape of the drum and make sure the dust and chips go to the 4-inch collection port.

If you are a professional and do large projects in general, then this is not a suitable machine for you. Moreover, the sandpaper provided is fairly cheap, which can be quite disappointing for the users.


  • Aluminium drum protects the work surface by dissipating heat
  • Effortless adjustment of conveyor bed parallelism
  • Conveyor bed can be restored to a flat position quickly
  • Regulates the speed by monitoring the motor’s load
  • Unique dust collection system is efficient


  • Not suitable for large projects
  • Cheap sandpaper is provided

5. SHOP FOX W1678 5 HP 26-Inch Drum Sanders

For the end result of sanding to look fantastic, the sander needs to ensure a smooth finish at all times. Not all drum sanders are capable of promising that; however, this product knows how to live up to its promises and your expectations. Find out more in this review.

When it comes to motor power and capacity, thisdrum sanders will surely amaze you. With a 5 HP and 220V single-phase motor, you will be getting 3450 rotations per minute. Along with that, the machine provides 4.25-inch thick and 26-inch wide capacity so that you can work with multiple materials.

Dust cake formation on rollers can slow down the sanding process, and to make sure you avoid that, the machine comes with a hood constructed with internal baffles. As a result, all the chips and dust will automatically go to the collection port.

To make adjustments much more convenient for you, the product comes with controls that will enable you to alter major and micro sanding. It also includes an amperage measuring load meter, which will monitor the amperage at all times.

Other than that, this drum sanders prioritizes your safety as well. That is why, the product pays close attention to detail, comes with ruggedly built parts and a firm quality control program, which ensure dependable operation at all times.

You need to be careful when using the drum sanders because the belt might slip off in the middle of work, which can be dangerous. On the other hand, you need to align it cautiously, otherwise, it won’t work according to your convenience.


  • Comes with a 5 HP and 220V single-phase motor
  • Provides a capacity of 4.25-inch thick and 26-inch wide
  • Includes a dust hood constructed with internal baffles
  • Allows you to adjust major and micro sanding
  • Offers safe and dependable operation at all times


  • Belt drive might slip off in the middle of work
  • Needs to be aligned cautiously

6. Grizzly Industrial G8749 – Drum / Flap Sander

In case you are currently running a project that requires contours finishing and shape, this sander makes a perfect addition to your tools. Furthermore, you can opt to choose inflatable sanding drums with a diameter of 4 ¾ inches or even 3-¼ inches on a single side. Likewise, you can decide to choose a flap sander with a diameter of 10 ½ by seven ¾ inches long packaged together with 12 abrasive flaps. This product is backed up using flexible bristle brushes. You can also order your flap sander replacement in six broad rolls according to your grit choice or preference.

It comprises a shipping weight of at least 69 pounds and has a top footprint of 6-1/2 x 9. Grizzly Industrial G8749 – Drum / Flap Sander comes in two main dimensions, primarily:3 ¼ x 7 7/8 and 4 ¾ x 7 7/8. You must know that this product comes packaged with 120 grit paper. It also features a toggle OFF/ON safety switch plus the locking tab.

Last but not least, it has a motor 1 HP 110V with a phase of 1725 RPM. Thanks to all those incredible features for making this product outstanding in the industry. Make it your choice today and experience maximum performance.


  • Excellent for finishing contours and shaping
  • It has a backup of flexible bristle brushes
  • It comes in two dimensions
  • Guarantees you quality customer care services
  • It is sturdy and powerful


  • It does not function as advertised

How to Pick the Right Drum Sander?

A part of making the best out of your drum sander is choosing the right one. Lot of people may think that getting a popular one would suffice, and there’s not much to look into — but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

That is why, there are some fundamental aspects that you need to focus on while picking a drum sander — especially if you have never used one before. Of course, these aspects include your work requirements as well, which you shouldn’t overlook.

So, we are here to fill you in on the key factors that you should always keep in mind. If you do, then you are sure to get a drum sander that will produce excellent results at all times.

Longevity and Quality Should Be Your Priorities 

If you are going to invest a considerable amount of money on a tool, then you’d surely want it to be durable. Without longevity, you won’t be able to rely on thedrum sanders as you wouldn’t know if it can withstand long terms of usage.

That is why you should make sure the drum sander that you are getting is durable and of high-quality. First of all, check the material that it is made of and then look at the extra parts and tools included.

You should also make sure the product is capable of withstanding heavy usage and will not break down by generating too much power, as a lot of machines go through such inconvenience.

The best way of knowing how long a tool can approximately last is checking its warranty; if it comes with a warranty of 3-5 years, then you can rest assured about the durability of the tool.

Both the Power and Speed Are Essential 

The power is certainly essential when it comes to determining the capabilities of a drum sander. This aspect will tell you a lot about how heavy the tool can really go. Hence, it should be the first thing to notice when looking for a drum sander.

But the speed of the sander is as essential as the power. That is because excellent sanding depends a lot on how fast or slow the tool can go. For instance, if the tool goes fast on a soft material, then that wouldn’t really execute the task properly.

That is why the drum sanders  must have a variable speed control option, which will allow you to adjust the speed according to the materials you would be working with.

Noise and Vibration Should Be at Their Lowest 

No one likes a distracting level of noise coming out of their tools when they are working. It can be quite unpleasant and even cause headaches, which reduces productivity and hence, the quality of work.

However, thanks to today’s advanced technology, a lot of drum sanders come with noise reduction features, which keeps the sound coming out of thedrum sanders as low as possible. And you should be looking for this feature when purchasing a drum sander.

Similarly, too much vibration can cause significant damage to the work surface and even the material that you are working with. It can also make you more tired, hence reducing your work time.

That is why you should go for lightweight drum sanders; the lighter the tool, the less the vibration. But if you need a heavy drum sander, then choose one that comes with vibration-reducing features for smoother operation.

No One Likes a Messy Work Surface 

One of the major advantages of drum sanders is that they usually come with their own dust collection port, so you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up all the dust and chips by yourself.

However, the real question is, how do their dust collection system work, and how efficient it really is? Not every collection port can ensure the elimination of all the dust, so you should make sure it can assure the removal of maximum chips from the work surface.

If you overlook the efficiency of the collection port, then you will have a difficult time sanding on the tool. That is because the work surface will be filled with dust mostly, and you wouldn’t want that. Hence, do not overlook this aspect when getting a drum sander.

Fix a Budget First

Drum sanders tend to be on the expensive side in general, and so you need to make up your mind regarding the budget before you start your journey of choosing one.

Despite being costly, they do offer a wide range of prices for you to choose from. There are some brands that offer affordable, great-quality sanders. But if you are too low on the budget, then you can go for a second-hand drum sander.

You can also pick very expensive ones if getting a high-end sander is your priority. Ultimately, no matter what your budget is, you will find a great drum sander if you look properly.

Types of Drum Sander 

Before getting a drum sander, you should get yourself acquainted with the types available out there. After being informed about all the kinds available, you will be able to make a better choice when purchasing one.

Hence, we will be providing you with the details of the types of drum sanders in this section of the article.

Open End Drum Sanders 

One of the major advantages of open-end drum sanders is that they will allow you to work with boards that are wider than the drum’s length. These ones have a structure that supports the sanding drum and feed belt, but on one end, the presser rollers are open.

However, you need to be extra careful with this tool as it can flex under too much pressure, which can result in uneven sanding.

Close End Drum Sanders 

If you are looking for a drum sander that will ensure stability, then this should be your go-to. It comes with a structure that supports the sanding drum and feed belt while the presser rollers are closed on both ends.

Hence, you won’t be able to sand boards that are wider than the length of the sander’s drum itself.

Single Drum Sander 

The most well-known drum sander out there is this one. And there are reasons behind its popularity. With the ease of use and affordability, this type of drum sanders has a lot to offer.

But they come with a single drum, so you can only work with one sandpaper grit. Therefore, if you have multiple sanding projects to work on, then you will need to keep changing its strip.

Double Drum Sander 

As the name suggests, this drum sander comes with two drums, which will allow you to work on two different sanding projects simultaneously. Hence, it is more suitable for professionals than hobbyists.

However, if you are only a beginner, then you shouldn’t use this type of drum sander, as it is rather difficult to work with. You need to have sufficient knowledge and experience before you start using this particular type of drum sander.

Benefits of Having a Drum Sander 

There are tons of woodworking tools available out there — and when it comes to sanders, the list is never-ending. So you may have come across the thought — why should I get a drum sander?

To answer that, we would like to start with how they come with a lot of benefits. Once you get to know about the advantages, you will realize how handy thisdrum sander can be and why you should get one right away.

So, we will be discussing those benefits in this section of the article.

Does All the Cleaning for You 

One of the essential reasons why people get a drum sander is that they do all the cleaning. Yes, they get rid of all the dust and chips, keeping the work surface clean and ideal for sanding.

Most of the drum sanders come with a dust collection port, which takes up all the extra substance on the work surface. Hence, you won’t have to stop and clean the surface to start working again.

Even after you are done with the project, you won’t need to do any extra cleaning. Hence, you will be able to relax after a long working session, without worrying about any extra hassle or responsibilities!

Does Not Require Much Space 

Is your workplace too packed up already? Are you not willing to add any extra tools because of that? Well, a drum sander gives you nothing to worry about, thanks to its compact design.

This heavy-duty yet small addition in your workplace will not ask for much space, so you can keep it in a corner and take it out to do your work when necessary. Some are even mobile, allowing you to take them from place to place.

This aspect provides a major benefit to those with multiple workplaces, or professionals who have a lot of baggage in their workplace already.

You Can Work with a Variety of Materials 

If you are a professional who needs to sand a variety of materials or a hobbyist who’s getting into the world of sanding and would like to try out different materials, then this drum sanders has a huge benefit for you up to its sleeves.

The versatility of this drum sanders will allow you to work with different kinds of materials — all you will have to do is change the strips on the tool, and you will be good to go.

Some sanders will even allow you to work on two sanding projects simultaneously (they come with two separate drums for that). Hence, you won’t have to be stuck with one kind of material only.

Durable and Reliable 

Despite being lightweight and compact, drum sanders are quite durable and reliable. You can use them for heavy woodworking, without worrying about them breaking down under pressure.

This tool will ensure smooth operation and top-notch performance at all times. Some are even effortless to work with; so even without prior knowledge or experience, you can get into the field of sanding like a pro.

Moreover, drum sanders usually include features that make operations and applications much more convenient for users. Hence, you will be able to execute your tasks successfully, without losing much sweat or time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I use a drum or orbital sander?

Both drum and orbital sanders come with their fair share of benefits and drawbacks. However, orbital sanders are much easier to control and produce a less scratchy surface than that of drum sanders. They are also cheaper comparatively, so considering these aspects, orbital sanders are better.

Can a drum sander replace a planer?

Not necessarily. Drum sanders are excellent for sanding wood or fine surfacing- this especially goes for woods that get damaged under planer blades. However, this todrum sanders is not suitable for abrasive or rigor planning, and hence it cannot really replace a planer.

How long does it take to drum sand a floor?

Even though the task might seem easy and hassle-free, it’s actually quite the opposite. As a professional, it may take you 2-3 hours to sand a floor. However, if you are an amateur, then it will take you even longer, and so you should not underestimate the amount of time that it can take.

Is it hard to use a drum sander?

Using a drum sander isn’t necessarily difficult if you have experience working with sanders. However, without any experience, using this drum sanders may get a little challenging for you. Therefore, you should go through the instructions and directions properly before you try it out.

Can you use a drum sander on a deck?

You can use a drum sander on a deck, but it isn’t recommended. That is because this tool removes too much material, and you cannot really afford that on a deck. Instead, you can try using orbital sanders, as they would be more suited for this task than a drum sander.

Will a drum sander flatten the board?

Several boards have a slight bow and twist, which might be pretty disturbing. This means you would need a drum sander that acts as a thickness planer.

Is a drum sander applicable in the deck?

Yes, you can use it on the deck, but it is not appropriate because this device eliminates a lot of material, which is not achievable on the deck. You can opt for orbital sanders for maximum performance, unlike drum sander.

What duration does it take to drum sand the floor?

A professional take at least 2 to 3 hours to sand the floor. However, it might take you a pretty long time; hence, you cannot how much time you are likely to take sanding the floor.


All of the five products mentioned in this article are amazing with their own set of features and factors. However, in our opinion, the Jet 723520K JWDS-1632 16-32 Plus 20 Amp Service steals the show.

This tool comes with all the aspects that make the best drum sander. It includes a unique dust collection system along with proper dissipation of heat and convenient adjustment of the conveyor bed parallelism.

Hence, this product will provide stunning results at all times, and will be easy for you to use even if you are a beginner.

However, all the drum sanders mentioned in this article are fantastic in their own ways, and the best one for you would be the one that adheres to your work needs.

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