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Best Framing Nailer

Hope you’ve seen that episode of Popeye the Sailor Man where he spits nail, hit the hammer once, and the nail sinks into the wood. Ah…wish our life was that easier.

Well, that’s not going to happen. And let’s face it that hammering nails is the most tedious and boring job one can do by himself. However, now, you can leave that job to the machines.

And by machine, we mean the best framing nailer. You can do the nailing job quickly, accurately, and efficiently with help of these tools. But getting an ideal one is not that easy in the sea of so many models.

Relax! We’re going to help you out from here till the end so that you can grab your desirable one.

7 Best Framing Nailer Reviews

Framing nailers have a vast area. There are different types, different models with unique advantages. That’s why we took our time and tested plenty of models in our lab. Only seven of them could satisfy us with their performance. So, let’s check them out.

1. BOSTITCH F21PL Framing Nailer

The hell of a kind of nailer that you need when you plan to consider the best value framing nailer is the BOSTITCH F21PL. It offers plenty of savory features that will give you the utmost versatility and convenience while working.

This tool has the capacity of driving a nail with 1050 pounds-force. And it operates at 80 to 120 PSI. You only need to get an air compressor that can provide such pressure to get your chores done smoothly.

Most importantly, it offers versatility by supporting plastic collated or wire collated round-head nails. Having a magazine capacity of 60-nail, you can drive 1 ½ to 3 ½-inch nails by using it.

In addition to providing versatility, the F21PL from BOSTITCH offers portability. And that’s been made possible due to the option of connecting the air compressor, not at the rear, rather at the bottom of the gun. So, nothing will come in your way while moving and working.

Plus, the aspect that makes it an outstanding framing nailer is its 2-in-1 nose piece. Thus, you’ll be able to use it for woodworking as well as metalworking at ease.

The F21PL boasts depth controlling push button by which you can easily alter the depth of the drive. As a consequence, you’ll be able to do your nailing work on different kinds of materials of different thicknesses without any break.

Besides, its structure is made of magnesium which makes it durable to let you help to do heavy-duty work. Magnesium is a pretty tough material that can withstand several falling from your hands.


Not only that, but it also has rubber grips so that you can get a comfortable grip. Thus, you’ll be able to work for prolonged hours without having you any noteworthy hand fatigue. You’ll also get an excellent grip even if you held it with wet hands.


  • Powerful due to1050 pounds drive force
  • Supports 1 ½ to 3 ½-inch nails to offer versatility
  • Gives flexibility by the 2-in-1 nose
  • Magnesium material to ensure durability
  • Doesn’t give hand fatigue owing to lightweight


  • Nails are hard to find

2. NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Framing Nailer

If you’re tight on budget but still want a top-quality framing nailer, then you must try out the SFR2190 pneumatic from NuMax. Though it’s comparatively cheap, it’s the best framing nailer for the money you can get.

It’s a 21-degree framing that also has the ability to fire framing nails of 20 to 22-degree. It works from 70 to 115 PSI, which is pretty decent for the price. You’ll need 90 PSI at 2.5 CFM airflow from your air compressor to run it efficiently.

Besides, this nailing gun can fire full round head 2 to 3 ½-inches long nails regardless of brand. So, if you’ve any leftover nails that you used to throw away, now you can use them with this gun at ease. Impressive, right?

Plus, the SFR2190 boasts two firing modes — single and bump. Not only that but it also offers two different triggers by which you can fire depending on the firing mode you choose. The black trigger is for single firing mode, and the red trigger is for bump firing mode.

However, you’ll receive this gun fully assembled with a black trigger. If you want to change the trigger, you can easily do that by following the instruction manual.

One of the most important aspects of this framing nailer gun is its anti-dry fire. It generally prevents the nailer to fire when the nails in the magazine get almost zero. In that way, it’s going to save your surface from unwanted damage.

Moreover, the body of this gun is constructed by using magnesium. It’s one of the high-quality material which is lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant. As a result, you don’t need to worry about getting this bad boy damaged in your busy work environment.

That’s not the end. Rather SFR2190 from NuMax integrates a padded grip handle so that you can comfortably work for hours. With a good grip, you’ll get more control and precision while working.


  • Operates at 70 to 115 PSI to provide good performance
  • Versatile due to supporting 2 to 3 ½-inches long nails of any brand
  • Ease of work by the two-firing mode
  • Anti-dry fire to protect the working surface
  • Prevents corrosion owing to magnesium


  • A little big in size

3. Metabo NR90AES1 HPT Framing Nailer

Whether you’re new or old in the power tool industry, you must be well known with the name Hitachi. They are renowned for their reliable products. Well, that’s why we bring to you the NR90AES1 HPT framing nailer from Metabo, which is the new name of Hitachi.

This is the best rated framing nailer that comes with “industrial design,” allowing you to disassemble it faster by the revamped head guard. As a result, you’ll be saving a lot of your precious time during the maintenance.

What you’re up to? Framing, flooring, subflooring, window build-up? It has the ability to do all your work just like that. And the reason is its capacity to drive plastic collated nails ranging from 2 to 3 ½-inches long, not only that it can drive 3 ¼-inches nail at 85 PSI in untreated pine.

Frequent adjusting the compressor for depth drive while working is pretty annoying! Well, with the NR90AES1 you don’t have to do that; thanks to the tool-less depth adjustment. Thus, you’ll able to sink nails into several materials without much of an effort.

Besides, it integrates a selective actuation switch by which you can easily shift from sequential to bump mode by simply flipping a switch. This intuitive design will help you a lot while working under a busy schedule.

You’ll be glad to know that HPT NR90AES1 from Metabo weighs 7 and a half pounds. As a consequence, whether you’re DIYer or pro, you can work all day long using it without getting arm strains.

Moreover, framing work requires precision and balance; otherwise, the whole work would be a disaster. Well, that’s the reason for which it incorporates a sturdy handle with a rubber grip so that it doesn’t get a slip from your hands during work.

Nonetheless, aluminum has been used for making this gun so that it can absorb shock even it falls from eight feet in height. Not only that this material also makes it robust and strong to survive from damages.


  • Easy to disassemble due to industrial design
  • Can drive 2 to 3 ½-inches nails to carry out in different work
  • Painless to adjust the driving depth by the tool-less depth adjustment
  • Lightweight for providing ease of work
  • Enduring owing to be made from aluminum


  • Lacks dry fire lockout

4. Paslode 905600 XP Cordless Framing Nailer 

Next on our framing nail gun reviews is the 905600 XP cordless framing nailer from Paslode. You’ll definitely fall in love with it because of its plenty of convenient features.

You’re not going to believe what we’re about to say? And the unbelievable fact is that by charging its 7V li-ion battery once, you can drive 9000 nails continuously. It gets fully charged within one and a half-hour; you can still shoot 200 nails after charging only 2 minutes!  

With this framing nailer, you’re going to get 15% more power, which translates to an increase in your productivity. Thus, you can flush nails in any hard or LVL pretty easily.

Adjusting depth before driving nails is pretty important since you are probably going to nail in different applications. And you can make the depth adjustment pretty easily by the thumbwheel without using any sort of tools.

Whether you use a corded or cordless framing nailer, it’s quite tough to work at minus temperature. No worries, the 905600 XP from Paslode is designed in such a unique way that it can work even at 14°F, thanks to the all-season Paslode gas cartridge.

As it stands, you can work under 16-inches joist, roof trusses, or OC studs by using it due to its compact design. Moreover, it weighs 7.2 lbs so that you can comfortably work for hours after hours without much difficulty.

Furthermore, it integrates an ergonomically designed handle along with a uniform grip. You, therefore, can hold it tightly which in turn will give you more control over it.


  • Offers to drive 9000 nails per charge
  • Growths productivity by offering 15% more power
  • Tool-less depth adjustment to adjust depth effortlessly
  • Allows to work in complex areas due to compact size
  • Provides enhanced grip by the ergonomic handle


  • Reportedly gets jammed

5. Freeman PFR2190 Pneumatic Framing Nailer

Got heavy duty work on your hand? Searching for the best framing nail gun to carry out your job? Then get your hands on the PFR2190 pneumatic framing nailer from Freeman.

Since it’s a pneumatic nail gun, it uses compressed air to operate. It supports full-headed 21-degree nails ranging within 2 to 3 ½-inches to make it suitable for working on a variety of woods and applications.

The component that produces the required back thrust for driving the nails is the cylinder of the framing nailer. That’s why it uses anodized aluminum to make the cylinder for making it long-lasting.

Woodwork always creates a lot of debris, and cleaning them up is a tedious task. However, with the PFR2190 from Freeman, you’re getting 360-degree turn air exhaust. As a consequence, you’ll be able to clean the dust by using it pretty easily after completing your work.

Plus, this framing nailer comes with an interchangeable trigger so that you can switch from quick fires to a single shot. To do that, you won’t have to pause your work, rather you just need to shift the labeled wheel a little.

Besides, it has a flat foot and spike teeth that allow you to do the toe-nailing just like that. This device also has a no-mar nose to prevent dents from your surface to keep the smoothness intact.

Additionally, you’ll have to work on a variety of materials at work. And you can’t just shoot nails on every material with equal depth. For that reason, it incorporates a tool-free depth-adjustable system so that you can work on hard as well as soft materials similarly.

Moreover, die-cast magnesium has been used to create PFR2190. The specialty of these materials is that, along with ensuring durability, it also makes the device lightweight.


  • Supports 21-degree full headed nails to work flexibly
  • 360-degree air exhaust for cleaning up the debris
  • Interchangeable trigger for working conveniently
  • Protects the surface by the no-mar nose
  • Die-cast magnesium to make enduring


  • A bit louder

6. Metabo HPT NV90AGS Coil Framing Nailer

Reloading the framing gun every often during work is pretty disturbing. And if you don’t want to go through that hassle, you should get the HPT NV90AGS coil framing nailer from Metabo. That’s because coil magazine has a large nail holding capacity.

Whatever projects you’re going to do, whether it’s framing, fencing, or flooring, you need a gun that can do them all. Well, this pneumatic nailer is able to drive 1 ¾ to 3 ½-inch nails, so that you can do most of your work by using this one framing nailer.

And when the magazine gets empty during the work, you can load another one from the side pretty easily. This reloading system will save your quality amount of time.

Plus, the HPT NV90AGS comes with a switch near the trigger. You can use this switch to change the firing mode from sequential to contact effortlessly. Besides, there’s a depth adjustment dial under the trigger so that you can fix the depth you want your nails to sink into the wood.

It is very likely that you’ll encounter nail jams in a framing nailer gun during working. No worries, if anytime you face such a nuisance, its open nose design will help you to clear the jam in a breeze.

Moreover, you’ll find this nailer from Metabo very maneuverable due to its 7.7lbs. lightweight. Not only that, but its rubberized handle also makes sure that you get a proper grip while working.

Nevertheless, it incorporates a redesigned head guard so that you can dismantle it pretty fast and easily. Now that’s going to save you a lot of your valuable time at the time of tool maintenance.


  • Versatile due to supporting 1 ¾ to 3 ½-inch nails
  • Side reloading system to reduce reload-time
  • Convenient switch to change the firing mode
  • Allows to clear the jam easily by the open nose design
  • Painless to disassemble owing to the redesigned head guard


  • Reportedly jams oftentimes

7. Paslode 501000 Pneumatic Framing Nailer

Last on our framing nailer reviews is the 50100 pneumatic framing nailer from Paslode. It’s a great match for both amateur and pro workers involved in remodeling and construction.

It’s a heavy-duty nail gun that supports 84 nails which means that you won’t have to spend much time reloading. And the best part is it works with 30-degree paper tape nails ranging between 2 to 3 ½-inches of any brand.

Depending on the projects and work surfaces, you’ll need to determine the firing mode. With this gun, you can do the switch between 2 firing modes easily by flipping the switch. In that way, you’ll be able to fire 12 nails per second.

Plus, the magazines of 50100 Power Master from Paslode don’t gain much weight even when loaded with the maximum number of nails. Besides, the trigger is placed nearby to the center of gravity to give you optimum support, balance while nailing.

The weight of this gun is 8.4 lbs that operate at 80 to 120 PSI, allowing it to provide 10% more power than others. It’s an amazing nail gun with power per pound by which you can complete any of your hard jobs just like that.

Moreover, you can hang it from a joist, ladder, or a rafter and use both hands for doing another task, thanks to the rafter hook.

The complaint that most pneumatic nailer users do is the puffs of air blowing to their face while working. No worries, this nailer is going to be a lifesaver for you as it incorporates adjustable air exhaust. It moves away from the air from your face and eyes so that you can work peacefully.


  • Holds 84 nails to reduce frequent reloading
  • Supports 2 to 3 ½-inches nails for offering flexibility
  • Provides 10% more power by operating at 80 to 120PSI
  • Rafter hook to hang it down for doing other work
  • Protects face and eye by the air exhaust


  • A bit heavier

Buying Guide of Framing Nailer?

Even after reading our top rated framing nailer, there might be some amongst you who are still sitting on the fence regarding which to take. No worries, we’re going to enlist some of the most important factors below.

If you can check them in a framing nailer, you can rest assured that you have your hands on the right one.

Power Type

There are different kinds of framing nailers you can find out there. They have differences with each other due to their power type.

The models that run on-air compressors are called pneumatic framing nailers. If you have comprehensive framing tasks on your hand, then this type of nailer going to be perfect.

However, if you have an air compressor already, you can get this one. But, pneumatic nailers have one downside that can seriously hamper the moveability during your work.

On the other hand, if you want the same performance without the hassle of hose, you need a cordless framing nailer. They are pretty portable which translates to mobility. This type of gun uses a lithium-ion battery or gas of a fuel cell for power.

Power Rating

Another important factor that you should check is the power rating, whether it’s a pneumatic-powered or battery-powered framing nailer. This will ensure that you don’t fall into the power shortage problem while shooting nails into different objects and surfaces.

Moreover, the power rating in pneumatic framing nailer is given in PSI, such as 70 to 100 PSI or 80 to 120 PSI. The higher the PSI ratings, the higher power ratings. Likewise, cordless framing nailers have a power rating remarked as 7 or 20 volts. As usual higher ratings will result in more power for driving nails more easily.

Nail Length Range

If you’ve done framing earlier, then you must be well acquainted that different kinds of nails are needed for different kinds of jobs.

Mainly the difference between nails is their length. There are some nails with a length of 2-inch, whereas some are 3-inch long. That is the reason why framing nailers offer ranging support of nails like 2 to 3 ½-inch not only that, some nailers offer a higher range from 1 ½ to 3 ½-inches.

Now look, the more your framing nailer can offer, the more flexibility you’re going to have during working.

Framing Nailer Angle

Angle rating is another important aspect that you need to consider while buying a framing nailer. This will help you to know the angle of your nail magazine.

There are nail magazines that have a 15 or 20-degree angle, whereas some have a 30-degree angle. By more angle, you’ll get more freedom of work while working in tight and complex spaces.

For example, a 30-degree angle will offer you more space for work than a 15-degree angle. Learn more about the different framing nailer angles. Aside from the angled nail magazines, you must buy other supported nails.


Believe it or not, size matters! You can’t use a bulky nailer into tight corners, whereas you can use a compact nailer into the roomy area as well as a small area.

The advantages of a compact-sized framing nailer don’t only limit while working, rather you’ll also get the benefits after completing your work. And that’s the convenience of storing them at ease, as they don’t take much space.


Last but not least is the weight. Look, there is no fixed time within which you can complete your framing work. It may end within hours or take the whole day.

Now, if you keep working with a heavy tool for a long time, that’s going to give strain on your arm and shoulder. Sometimes that pain can last for days, which will hamper your work. That’s why you should always pick a framing nailer as lightweight as possible, along with other functionalities.

Benefit of Using a Framing Nailer?

People have been using the hammer to do nail punching for a long time to mention. Well, the task of nailing can be done by it; however, it takes a great deal of effort.

We humans always incline to the easiest and simplest way of doing our regular chores of life, whether it’s personal, official, or household. On that note, a nailing gun is the simplest solution that you can try to get your nailing job done.

And if you read the benefits of using any of the top framing nailers, your aspiration of using it will increase.

Long-Lasting Investment

First of all, a nail gun, due to its manufacturing process, lasts for years. And due to its long-lasting capability, you can use it on your several projects for a prolonged time.

Whereas, a typical hammer has no such aspect that assures durability. That’s why you should definitely add a nailing gun to your arsenal of home-improvement tools.

Better Workmanship

Whether you’re working under a construction site, woodworking, or doing some home-renovative work, workmanship is a must. You can use a pin and hammer to do the jobs, but you won’t get the accuracy and smoothness.

Rather a nailing gun has the ability to provide accuracy, precision while working. Thus, the level of your craftsmanship will reach a new level.

Proper Use of Time and Energy

You need to hit two or three times by the hammer to sink the nail into your preferred position.

While on the other hand, you only need to pull the trigger of a nailer to get the job done. Since the nailers are power tools, they provide equal pressure and force to each nail so that all the nails can flush into the wood equally.

That way a lot of your time and effort will get saved while working. So, why waste your time in doing the work in a hard way while the easy way is waving at you?

Ensures Safety

Typically, you need to hold the pins by your hand while doing framing work by the hammer. Well, in that way, the chances of crushing your hands get elevated. You can’t resist that.

On the contrary, if you use a nail gun, you only need to hold the gun at the place and pull the trigger. That’s all! Zero chance of getting injured. And since the trigger of a nailing gun is reasonably large, it’s comfortable to work with.

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Type of Framing Nailer

Generally, there two types of framing nailers you’ll found. One is pneumatic framing nailers, and another is cordless framing nailers. Well, there’s a third one, also called brushless framing nailer. Each one has its advantages and drawbacks. So, let’s get a bit deeper into them.

Pneumatic Framing Nailer

These nailers work by using compressed air. So, if you wish to get a pneumatic nailer you have to have an air compressor by which it can power up. However, if you previously have a compressor, you can use that too.

The working process of a pneumatic framing nailer is pretty simple. You need to connect an air hose to the air compressor with the air verve of the gun and secure the connection.

Now the time you pull the trigger, the compressor will release air to drive a piston of the framing nailer in order to hammer the nail. Though the process seems a bit long, it works within a blink of an eye.

Cordless Framing Nailer

The best thing about a cordless framing nailer that you probably going to like is that it doesn’t need an air compressor. Generally, they get power by the combination of fuel cartridges and charged batteries.

Well, it works in a similar way to a car engine. When you pull the trigger, a little amount of fuel gets mixed with a little volume of air. In the meantime, a spark fires up the mixture that explodes to provide the demanded force to thrust the piston. As a consequence, the nail sink gets into the wood.

You must be thinking, Man! I had better use a hammer after reading the process, right? Well, it happens so fast that you’ll be able to shoot 3 nails within 1 second by using a cordless framing nailer.

Brushless Framing Nailers

This type of framing nailers also comes under the category of cordless framing nailers. The only difference is that it uses a brushless motor and doesn’t usually use fuel cartridges. Rather they use batteries to power up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a framing nailer for a trim?

 Yes, you can use a framing nailer for attaching your window trim. However, it’ll leave easily visible, large holes or nail heads into the wood. Now that’s something you that’ll bump into your vision every time you watch the window.

How big of a compressor do I need for a framing nailer?

 Framing nailers require air pressure to a greater extent. That’s why 4-6 gallons of air compressor is the best size you can get for your framing nailer. But if you’re doing indoor tasks, an air compressor of 2-4 gallons works the best. They are mostly suitable for small nail guns due to the requirement of low air pressure

Can I use screws instead of nails for framing?

 The first thing you should bear in mind while choosing between screws and nails is that the nails are brittle. Thus, they can provide greater strength.

That’s why the nails are preferred for framing walls, structural joining, installing hardwood floors as well as attaching roofing and siding. So you should use nails for framing rather than screws.

Can I use a framing nail gun for siding?

 Although it’s better to use always a siding nail gun at the time of siding installation, you can use a framing nailer only if the nail is long enough to attach the siding strongly to the sheathing of your exterior wood.

What kind of nail gun do I need for framing?

 Framing nail guns have to power to drive large gauge nails with a diameter of 113” to 131”-inches with the lengths ranging from 1-1/4” to 3-1/2”-inches. That is the reason you should use a framing nailer for doing framing, roof sheathing, sub-flooring, and deck building.

What’s a better 21- or 30-degree framing nailer?

 30-degree framing nailers are quite better than 21 degrees for providing some handy advantages. They are light, easy to carry, and most importantly, 21-degree nailers can never reach tight spaces as 30-degree can.

Can I use a framing nailer for fencing?

 Yes, you can use a framing nailer for fencing as they can use long nails with a large diameter. They are perfect for doing projects like this. If you want to know how to use framing nailer for fencing, this video might help.

Final Verdict

Now that’s was a quite bit of a journey. Yet, we’re at the end, and we hope that you have managed to found the best framing nailer of your choice.

Out of our all models, the BOSTITCH F21PL and NuMax SFR2190 really had a good competition. However, if you’ve got the budget, then you should definitely go with the BOSTITCH F21PL. It has the power, functionalities, and of course versatility that will help you go the extra mile.

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