5 Best Nail Guns for Shiplaps 2021 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Best Nail Gun For Shiplap

Nail guns are one of the most useful tools that can reduce your inconvenience in seconds. From helping you with the framework of a home to baseboard installation, it’s hard to beat the efficiency and precision of a nail gun.

Using nail guns to install shiplap is quite common. But finding out the right tool that will make your job easier, not harder and complicated, isn’t an easy process either!

After thorough research done by our team, we have found out the top 5 best nail guns for shiplap for you.

If you don’t have the time to go through the entire review and are looking for a recommendation, we have it too. After comparing the features offered by each, we have decided that the best nail gun amongst all these was the DEWALT brad nailer kit. With 18 GA 5/8” to 2” and a pneumatic power source, this nail gun offers the best features at a reasonable price.

However, as the saying goes, to each their own. If you have the time, we’d highly encourage you to check out what the other products are offering as well.

5 Best Nail Guns For Shiplaps: Comparison Chart

5 Best Nail Guns For Shiplap Reviews

1. DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT Brad nailer kit (DWFP12231)

If you take a quick peek at the amazon page of the DEWALT brad nailer kit, you will see it is popular and well used among many. It is also the first choice of ours due to the variety of features and affordable price.


Perfect 18 GA Nail Companion: 18 GA nails can be tricky. As we know, longer nails take more effort to sink inside, and without precision, messing up is just a shot away. So, when it comes to nailing them, nothing works like DEWALT.

This reliable all-rounder nail gun will help you fire 5/8” to 2” in length 18 GA nails into hardwoods without a problem. Built with a sequential style trigger and 100 nail storage capacity, you have to place the gun, fire, and move on to the next nail.

Hefty Yet Lightweight Body: This nail gun is; made of magnesium which makes it sturdy. But don’t let this fool you, as this gun is lightweight. It allows the user to carry this nail gun all around without feeling a thing. The trigger has a rubber coating for proper grip and more comfort.

Compatibility: One of the reasons we liked the DeWalt nailer kit so much is due to its compatibility. It requires an air compressor, and to our surprise, this works great with all types of air compressor that provides 70-120 psi. It is a rare sight among many nail guns.


  • 5/8” to 2” 18 GA nail size allows you to work with various sizes and materials.
  • The built-in rear exhaust in this gun makes it extremely user friendly
  • It comes with a lightweight and sturdy body and a slim handle
  • Compatible with any air compressor providing 70-120 psi


  • The kit doesn’t contain nails or air compressors.

2. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, (CMCN618C1)

The Craftsman v20 cordless brad nailer kit is one of the most convenient and efficient nail guns available in the market. If you’re okay with spending a little more, then this should be your ideal choice.


Better Nail Firing Power: Built with a great sightline towards the tip, and more nail firing power than your regular nail guns, firing 18 GA nails into hardwood, softwood, or red oak is as easy as pie. The motor inside the machine ensures enough power to fire nails after nails without jamming.

Cordless And Lightweight: Unlike the other nail guns, this craftsman v20 nail gun is cordless, making it better for carrying around everywhere. It is battery-powered, so an air compressor is not required.

An ergonomic body makes it a well-balanced gun. The battery of this gun is well powered and will run for a long time.

User-friendly Nail Gun: The craftsman v20 cordless comes with a tool-free depth setting that allows the user to fix the depth of the nail without any hassle. Tool-free stall release and tool-free jam release ensure that the nails sink without jamming at all.


  • Drives 18 GA nails on several surfaces without jamming.
  • It is cordless and doesn’t require an air compressor.
  • The lightweight body makes it ideal for working with all day.
  • The ergonomic body ensures user comfort
  • Built-in LED lights ensure clearer visibility


  • It is a bit on the pricier side.

3. BOSTITCH Nail Gun

BOSTITCH Nail Gun (BTFP12233)

When it comes to precision and efficiency, nothing can beat the Bostitch nail gun. An ergonomic body, precise tip, and tool-free mechanism make it one of the best in the market.


Excellent Precision: The smart point feature of this nail gun allows the tip of the gun to fit into the tightest places with extreme precision. A narrower tip also allows precise nail placement as it offers clearer visibility of shiplap lines.

The smart point technology lets you activate the gun for firing without pressing the contact tip. Because of this, tips stay precise and last longer.

Ergonomically Designed Body: The design of this nailer allows the user to be more in control of the work. A contoured handle along with an ergonomically designed trigger lets it be user-friendly and easier to use.

Zero Jamming: Jamming is a rare sight when it comes to this nailer. However, it has a built-in tool-free jam release feature which helps in case of jamming occurs. This efficient system helps jammed nails release quickly.


  • The narrow tip provides excellent accuracy
  • Drives up to 2 1/8-inch nails
  • Tool-free jam release allows quick removal of a jammed nail
  • Tool-free depth adjustment makes it hassle-free
  • The gun doesn’t require oil in case jamming happens


  • It is a bit expensive

4. Metabo HPT Nailer

Metabo HPT Nailer(NT50AE2) (1)

The Metabo HPT Nailer is the most affordable product on our list. If you’re a professional looking for a nailer at a lesser price to be more flexible with your work, this is the perfect product for you.


Customizable Firing Option: This nailer offers two types of nail firing options; bump firing and sequential firing. If you’re a professional, this feature will bless you with a more flexible workspace.

Tool-free Mechanism: This nailer has a built-in tool-free depth adjustment system that allows easy depth selection. Built-in adjustable exhaust keeps the airflow running and dust particles away.

It also has an indicator that lets you know when the nail magazine is getting emptier to avoid blank firing.

Long Term Warranty: Often, we are scared to splurge on a tool because it doesn’t have a warranty period. With this nail gun, you can rest assured because it offers a 5-year warranty. Along with the affordable price, sleek and ergonomic design, this long-term warranty is something one shouldn’t miss.


  • The lightweight yet sturdy body makes it a perfect nailer.
  • Customizable firing options according to your requirements.
  • 360-degree exhaust allows better airflow.
  • Provided with a no-mar tip to prevent damage.


  • It is a bit noisy.

5. Makita Brad Nailer 

Makita Brad Nailer (AF506)

The Makita Brad nailer works great on various surfaces. It is a good nail gun at an affordable price tag.


Strong Motor Packs A Punch: This nailer can penetrate through hardwood, softwood, plywood, and lumber easily. If you’re looking for a nailer for framework, molding installation, and shiplap installation, this is the perfect product for you.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy: Built with aluminum, this compact and ergonomic gun is a lightweight one. It might not weigh too much, but it packs the power you need.

Clean Workspace: A built-in dust clearing system ensures a debris-free workspace for you. The tip has a slight airflow around it which enhances visibility.

Save Your Money: It is impossible to go wrong with this nail gun when we compare the price with the features offered. All the competitive products at this price range are not as good as the Makita Brad nailer.


  • Lightweight yet strongly built
  • Perfect for use on a variety of woods.
  • It has a built-in dust clearing system
  • Tool-free depth adjustment makes it easy to use.
  • It comes with a no-mar tip to prevent work damage.



  • It might jam due to prolonged usage.

How To Choose The Best Nail Guns For Shiplap?

If you are still confused about what you should look for in an ideal nail gun for shiplap, this part is for you. Here are the qualities you should look for when choosing a nail gun.

Design Of The Body 

The design of the nailer matters the most. A nail gun is a frequently used tool. When shopping for one, always choose an ergonomically designed gun. Contoured handles and rubber coating ensure proper grip.

Power Source 

If you’re buying a brad nailer that’s pneumatic, meaning it requires an air compressor to work, choosing air pressure of 70-120 psi is ideal. Good air-powered nailers require a minimum of 70 psi to run.

Nailers with lesser air pressure required jam pretty often. Higher air pressure can also interfere with the performance of the gun.

Looking for a nail gun that has a rear exhaust system is recommended.

If you don’t have an air compressor and don’t want to buy a pneumatic nailer either, opting for a cordless and battery-powered nailer is a great option. These nailers can be a bit pricy but, the convenience it offers is worth the splurge!

Weight Of The Gun 

Carrying around a heavy nailer is unexpected. Heavy nail guns can hurt you if used for a long time. Look for a lightweight but sturdy nail gun.

Frequently asked questions 

Q: What kind of Nailer should I use for shiplap?

Ans: Shiplap or tongue and groove requires a nailer that offers precise and efficient performance. There are different types of nailers used for shiplap. Brad nailers are the most efficient nailers amongst all these. It is easy to use. For ¾ inch shiplap, use an 18GA brad nailer.

Q: Can you nail into shiplap?

Ans: It is possible to nail into shiplap. There are two popular ways of attaching shiplap. One is using nails and, the other one is using construction adhesive or mounting tape. Nailing shiplap boards is recommended because it ensures a stronger hold. It is possible to use a hammer and nails to nail into shiplap. But it is better to use a nail gun if the number of shiplap boards is a lot.

Q: Why is my nail gun jamming

Ans: Nail guns can jam when used for quite a long time. It can also happen due to not oiling the gun properly or not using the right size of fasteners. It is wise to buy a nail gun with a built-in jam release system to prevent jamming.

Don’t forget to buy the right size of fastener for your nail gun, as this can cause jamming too.

Final Words

There you have it, the 5 best nail guns for shiplap. Picking the right kind of nail gun for shiplap is not an easy task. Hopefully, the nail guns we have reviewed today will be able to fulfill all your requirements.

Overall, the DEWALT Brad nailer kit (DWFP12231) offers the best in the market. Its ergonomic body, core balance, and compatibility provide maximum user comfort. Paired with the price, it truly deserves to be the winner.

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