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Best Palm Sander

Wondering about upgrading your sanding game for your upcoming do-it-yourself mission? Pretty simple, add a piece of palm sander to your arsenal; you know why? Because this tool can help you to perform most of your woodworking tasks in a breeze!

Whether you are a part-time craftsman or a seasoned woodworker, having this type of power tool is undoubtedly very necessary, especially if your job is related to sanding, refinishing, or paint-removing.

Picking up the best palm sander seems a bit hectic since the market is packed with approximately 30+ different models these days. So, you could end up with ''typical junks" if you don't know which models are creating a big crowd out there in the market!

To minimize your hard work, we have gathered some of our favorite palm sanders on this list. Hopefully, one of them would take place in your arsenal.

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Check Our Top 3 Picks of Plam Sander

Best Value

Makita BO4556K 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander

Best Overall

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander (BDERO100)

Editor's Choice

DEWALT Palm Sander, 1/4 Sheet (DWE6411K)

5 Best Palm Sander Reviews 

After spending around 20+ hours, we have picked some of the top-quality palm sanders, which could be ideal for a couple of woodworking projects.

Time to cut to the chase!

1. DEWALT Palm Sander, 1/4 Sheet (DWE6411K)

Let's begin the review with the champ, DEWALT DWE6411K. We included this one for those who need the best palm sander for wood. Give a read from top to bottom to know about it in detail.

The device has got a powerful 2.3-amp motor to make you capable of sanding in a smooth way. When it comes to speed, it will reach around 14000 orbits per minute pretty easily. Isn't it enough for you?

Well, without a doubt, the sander is ideal for most of your projects, and we really appreciate its overall performance. Despite being very powerful, it weighs nearly 4.2 pounds to make you feel very comfortable while sanding.

Separate counterweight reduces the amount of vibration; as a result, you won't have to deal with extreme vibration at all. Alongside the low-vibration, the amount of noise will be pretty less as well, thankfully.

You will get a specific dust collection bag on it. In addition, you can find a locking dust-port on this sander, designed for allowing users to run a vacuum cleaner in order to ensure a dust-free working surface. Consequently, you won't have to mess with irritating sawdust, thanks to the manufacturers for including such features.

The compact size makes it super flexible; due to this advantage, this tool can smoothly enter into tight areas. What about the gripping area? It's convenient and ideal for both small and big hand users. And of course, anyone can attach or detach sanding sheets easily, all the credit goes to its unique paper clamp.


  • Equipped with a powerful motor with maximum speed
  • Sports a dust collection bag with an extra vacuum port
  • Cuts down the amount of both vibration and noise
  • Flexible and packs a compact size
  • The soft gripping area eliminates fatigue
  • Includes a paper clamp for better sandpaper attachment


  • Has an issue with the On/Off button

2. BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander Review

The word "affordable" suits best with this sander from BLACK+DECKER. Compared to the typical models, it is cheaper yet equips plenty of advantages to stay on your top-priority chart.

Despite being a plastic model, it could last up to years easily. Besides, the sander includes a 2.0-amp motor to complete your sanding task efficiently.

The tool equips a comfortable handle for allowing you to work without cutting down the comfort level. So, the chances of hands fatigue are almost zero.

Also, the weight of this device is only 3.16 lbs to make you feel relax while re-finishing. Besides, you will be able to replace sandpapers within a snap, thanks to the hook and loop system.

With the assistance of its efficient dust collection system, you can capture most of the sawdust in a smart way. As a result, the working surface will remain neat and clean after sanding.

The unique part? It features random orbital action in order to ensure a high-quality finish. Like our previous model of DEWALT, the sander has got a dust-sealed switch. Additionally, you can get a specific dust collection bag and a piece of sandpaper with the tool.


  • Cheaper than the typical models
  • Low in weight
  • Spins around 12000 orbits per minute
  • Takes a short time to change or replace sandpapers
  • Offers a smooth and high-quality finish


  • It should be more powerful to complete heavy jobs
  •  Unfortunately, there is no variable speed option on it!

3. TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

If you pick up TACKLIFE PRS01A, you won't have to spend extras to get sanding sheets, guess why? Because this tool already packs nearly 12 pcs of sandpapers, which you can use on a variety of woodworking projects.

Despite being an inexpensive model, it comes with a speed range of around 13000 orbits per minute. Also, you can alter the speed range in six different modes, which could be a great plus for those who need a sander for multiple applications.

Take a look at the sander, it seems very small compared to the traditional models. Because of this benefit, you can use it in those areas where a big-sized sander can't reach easily. Since the champ is good at finishing, it could be the best palm sander for furniture, in our opinion.

The device gets power through a 3.0-amp motor in order to sand with efficiency. But unfortunately, the sander can’t capture all of the sawdust even though it has a micro-filter dust canister!

What about the item weight? Well, it's just around 3.4 pounds to increase the portability of users. TACKLIFE PRS01A includes all-ball bearing construction to cut down the quantity of noise and vibration at the same time. So, you can call it an environment-friendly sander!


  • Equips a small frame
  • Just around 3.4 pounds for your convenience
  • Includes a powerful motor with six different speed options
  • Free from noise and extreme vibration
  • 12 pcs of sandpapers are packed with it


  • Not the best pick for wall sanding!
  • Unable to capture sawdust efficiently

4. Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander Review

You can rely on this model with your eyes closed if you are looking for the best hand sander for refinishing furniture. For assuring quick yet effective finishing, this tool comes with a 2.0-amp motor that delivers around 14000 orbits per minute.

The device equips all-ball bearing construction so that you can get rid of irritating noise and vibration. Its handle is entirely covered up with soft rubber to make you feel more comfortable while refinishing.

You know, this piece of sander can be operated with a single hand. And it packs only 2.5 pounds of weight, which means you can carry it for hours without ending up with hands fatigue.

In order to ensure a one-handed operation, the power button is located in a convenient area. Changing or replacing sandpapers could be possible within a snap, and the credit goes to its large clamping lever.

The way of capturing debris will be a piece of cake since you are getting a specific bag for dust collection. So, from now on, you can maintain a clean and clear working surface. The manufacturer of Makita offers a tool case to keep your sander always safe while moving it from one place to another.


  • Provides 14000 OPM to ensure a quick and better finishing
  • One of the lightest sanders that we tested!
  • Large clamping lever for changing sandpapers very quickly
  • Equipped with a comfy rubber-molded handle
  • Capable of collecting a large amount of sawdust
  • Least chance of getting noise and vibration


  • Poor build-quality
  •  Tends to get overheated

5. SKIL 7292-02 2.0 Amp 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander Review

Our last unit from SKIL features a unique "pressure control technology," which is designed to provide a warning through LED lights in case you press too hard on the surface. Isn't it interesting? Well, consequently, this sander won't get overheated even after running for long.

Speaking of power, SKIL 7292-02 has got a 2.0-amp motor to complete small to medium tasks with ease. Besides, its soft gripping area enables users to work without eliminating comfort.

Unlike the typical sanders, this one equips a clear-view dust canister. It means you can get rid of the guesswork while sanding, as it shows when it is full or when it is entirely empty. Because of the micro-filtration system, it can easily capture tiny dust particles.

The power tool packs a built-in vacuum adapter, so it will be possible to use an additional cleaner to make your working surface spick and span. With its easy paper changing system, anyone will be capable of changing sandpapers within a few seconds. The overall weight is comparatively light, nearly 3.0 pounds only.


  • Packs a unique pressure control technology
  • A clear-view dust canister eliminates the guesswork
  • Gripping area seems pretty much comfortable
  • Offers a built-in vacuum port
  • Takes a short time while changing sandpapers


  • Not really suitable for heavy use
  • Build-quality should be more developed!

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Quality Palm Sander?

If you are confused about your final purchase, you have entered into the right place. Because in this buyer’s guide section, we have gathered some of the essential things that you have to consider before buying the best rated palm sander. So, make sure to read this guide from head to toe to get a top-quality product on your hands.

Power of a Sander

Undoubtedly, you have to go with a powerful sander, which could allow you to make your finishing task as easy as falling off a log. Considering the capability of the motor will be a good idea to know about the power of a sander, what do you think?

Well, to ensure fast, smooth, and better operation, you should pick up the one that features around 2.0 to 3.0-amperage. Long story short: bigger motor means more power.

While picking up a cordless version, make sure to choose a sander that consists of a powerful battery to make your job easily done. But there is always a risk of power running out at the time of operating a cordless version, bear in mind!

Changing Sandpaper Should Be Convenient!

The way of replacing or changing sanding sheets should be convenient and hassle-free, whether you are an expert carpenter or just a beginner. Taking hours of time to alter sandpaper is a real bummer!

This is the reason why you should consider picking up the one that equips a large clamping lever, for which you can replace sanding sheets without wasting your valuable time. Alongside it, the hook and loop system allows users to alter the sheets within just a few seconds.

Efficient Dust Collection System

Messing with sawdust is way too annoying for every sander user. In fact, anyone can suffer from a couple of health issues by inhaling sawdust frequently. So, it's a must to choose a sander with an efficient dust collection system.

You will find a particular bag or canister in order to collect tons of sawdust in a simple way. After capturing those junks, make sure to cast it away and wash the bag or box off carefully.

Point to be noted, this feature will also allow you to ensure a mess-free working surface. So, it doesn't matter where you actually are working, you easily can maintain adequate cleanliness if your sander has got this feature.

You know, sawdust is a kind of carcinogen. So, never forget to put on a face mask and other safety equipment while sanding or re-finishing.

Comfortable Handle

Sanding indeed requires too much time. And holding a rough or uncomfortable grip could make you feel annoying while working. Therefore, always make sure to ignore "typical plastic handles." Focus on buying the tool with a soft grip, and the handle should be entirely molded with rubber.

Besides, ensure to select an ergonomically shaped handle so that it could fit perfectly with your palm. Otherwise, the level of comfort could drop!

Orbits per Minute

Your power tool will finish the job faster if it churns out more orbits per minute. So, if you are someone who has to deal with hardwoods more often, then considering a sander with maximum OPM could be a wise decision.

It also will enable you to perform your task more quickly. The range of OPM should be around 12000 to 14000 to get the maximum result.

Moderate Weight

Nobody wants to deal with a “bulky type” tool, especially if it's a palm sander that has to operate through holding for hours of time. This is why our suggestion is to choose a lightweight sander that could easily be controlled through a single hand.

If you want to make a one-handed operation, the weight of your tool should be 2.5 to 4.2 pounds.

Pressure Detection Feature

This feature can help you a lot if you don't have enough knowledge concerning sanding. Nowadays, you can find a few models with a specific pressure detector, for example, SKIL 7292-02. If you press way too hard on the surface, the sander will provide you an alert through vibration or LED lights.

As we've mentioned before, this feature could be very beneficial for newbies, and guess what? This will allow you to work without ending up with overheating issues. As a result, you can continue your job with adequate amounts of safety.

Types of Palm Sander

There is always a debate on choosing a specific palm sander. Around the marketplace, we generally can find two different types, including corded (electric-powered) and cordless (battery-powered).

Sooth to say, both types have got a few pros and cons. It won't be way too tough to find out your favorite one, as we are going to elaborate on these popular types.

Corded Version

Since an electric-powered sander takes strength from electricity, you can run it for several hours at a go. It will work very smoothly unless there are some issues with the motor and the cord.

A corded sander is useless if there is no specific outlet in the work area. So, this type is not ideal for you if you work outside most of the time.

Speaking of the overall performance, the corded version is, hands down, one of the best choices that we can say. There is no lack of power, efficiency, and longevity; even it could be a smart pick if you need to complete heavy tasks in a smooth way.


  • Loaded with heaps of power
  • Multi-functional and made for long-term use
  • Operates smoothly for hours and hours
  • A better choice to work on multiple projects


  • It’s useless if there is no particular power outlet
  • Compared to the cordless versions, it's a bit expensive!


Undoubtedly, it’s the most convenient choice for those who need to work outside more often. Since this type packs no particular cord, you can move it with ease from one place to another; there is no limitation at all!

Want to know the downside of it? Well, it can't run for way too long. While operating, the battery could eventually die, and after that, you have to recharge it to use this device once again.

Compared to the corded version, it is as cheap as chips. The lightweight structure is another advantage; because of this benefit, everyone can hold it with just a single hand. But keep in mind, the efficiency could drop a bit while using a cordless version instead of an electric-powered.


  • Relatively handy
  • Cheaper than the corded models
  • It can be used in all areas
  • Easier to operate


  • Less powerful
  • Poor running time

Advantages of Having a Palm Sander

When it comes to detail sanding, a tool immediately comes to our mind; could you guess which one? It's hands down, a piece of palm sander.

This efficient power tool is designed not just for sanding; you can use it on multiple projects to make your job easy and effective. And you know, using a palm sander has plenty of advantages, for example:

It's All-in-One!

Not just for sanding, you can apply it on a variety of different projects, including paint removing, polishing, and finishing. So, what do you think? Can't we call it a multi-functional tool? Of course, we can!

One of the Handiest Power Tools

Compared to some of the other types, a palm sander is the most convenient tool when we talk about the overall weight, portability, or ease of maintenance. You can move this device with ease from here to there, as most of the palm sanders are packed with moderate weights.

Low in Cost

Thankfully, most of the palm sanders are dirt cheap. Despite being multi-functional, the power tool won't take a lot of cash from you. This is why carpenters try to keep at least a single piece of palm sander in their arsenal.


Without a doubt, this device is ideal for newbies who are very new or just trying to learn the proper way of sanding. Running a palm sander is not that difficult. It could be operated by anyone; just a little bit of knowledge is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a palm sander to refinish hardwood floors?

Definitely, a palm sander could be one of the best options for those who need a sander to refinish hardwood floors. Due to the compactness, this power tool can easily reach into tight corners to ensure a better finish. So, anyone can rely on it for detail refinishing on hardwood floors.

Is an orbital sander better than a palm sander?

Well, it seems like you are comparing fruits with veggies! Both of these power tools have got a few advantages and disadvantages.

An orbital sander is a heavy-duty tool, which basically works on large pieces. It is quicker, powerful, and a bit weighty compared to the palm sanders.

A palm sander, on the other hand, operates on small workpieces, packs a small and lightweight frame, and, most importantly, palm sanders are designed to deliver smoother results within a snap.

Can you sand a floor with a palm sander?

To be honest, all types of floors are not compatible with a palm sander. This power tool is mainly ideal for finishing, paint removing, or basic sanding purposes. So, it won't sand your regular floor efficiently.

If you need to sand a regular floor with accuracy, make sure to pick up a floor sander (drum or orbital) in place of others.

How to load palm sander?

Loading up a palm sander is not rocket science; you can do it yourself in a breeze, and rather quickly as well. So, to know the proper and easy way of loading, make sure to follow the link below:

What size sandpaper do I need for palm sander?

Thankfully, most of the palm sanders are compatible with all types of grits so that users can conveniently pick the proper sanding sheets according to their projects.

Around the marketplace, you will basically find three different types when it comes to choosing grits, including coarse (40-60), medium (80-120), and fine (360-600).

Can you use a palm sander on drywall?

Of course, both random orbital sander and palm sander perform pretty well on drywall. However, make sure to know the compatibility of the sander before purchasing it so that you can get the maximum advantage while applying it to the drywall.

Final Verdict

That was our complete write-up on the best palm sander. Each and every palm sander we reviewed here could be your ultimate pick. However, we want to show you our top 3 favorite picks, so let's get started!

Hungry for the best of the best? Here is our champion, DEWALT DWE6411K. Don't want to deal with extreme noise and vibration while sanding? Well, this son of a gun features a separate counterweight design to keep you away from those issues.

Who's the runner-up? Undoubtedly, it's Makita BO4556K. This little champ equips just around 2.5 pounds of weight to make it one of the handiest power tools around the market.

Here is our pocket-friendly power tool BLACK+DECKER BDERO100. Despite coming with an affordable price tag, it could offer you enough chance to sand or refinish furniture very smoothly.

Now, it’s up to you which one you want to buy.

Break a leg!

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