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How Does A Palm Nailer Work

You have probably used a nail gun in the past and know how effective they are. Now, a palm nailer functions in the same way as a nail gun but is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand. It is a handy tool that gets hooked up to an air compressor.

The compressed air ensures that the nail is gently pounded with about ten taps. However, most people don’t know How Does A Palm Nailer Work effectively. In this article, I will take you through a step by step guide on how a palm nailer works.

How Does A Palm Nailer Work-Step by Step Guide

When compared to the nail gun, a palm nailer does a better and speedy job when used correctly. The nails get driven smoothly, thanks to the compressed air. However, note that you will need to apply some force to get the best results. The good news is that the work isn’t as labor-intensive as using an old-style nail gun or hammer.

Below is the complete step by step guide to help you make the work much more comfortable. Follow the steps as described to get the task done effectively and quickly.

1. Start with the manual

The user manual is always a great place to start when using any piece of equipment. Understand that different manufactures will have a different set of rules and specifications. However, most users usually ignore the user manual.

The manual is quite essential, mainly when you have never used a particular piece of equipment in the past. Its always an added advantage knowing the workings of your equipment before you start working on any project.

Once you have read the entire manual, we can move on to the next step. Please do not skip any sections since all information contained in the manual is essential.

2. Power the palm nailer

The palm nailer will need a power source since it has to be powered up. The cordless versions are battery-powered, which means that they are much simpler to use. You won’t need to work next to a power source with the device.

However, note that the cordless models are less powerful when compared to their counterparts. This means that you also need to get the appropriate batteries if you want to get more functionality. Using inappropriate batteries will significantly lower the power of your palm nailer.

3. Find the right posture

Did you know that the way you stand and hold your palm nailer will affect the end result? You need to either sit or stand with your face at a small distance from the nailer. You mustn’t bend uncomfortably during the entire task. Remember that you will need to use a little bit of force when using your palm nailer.

An awkward posture will hinder you from applying the required amount of force. The way you hold the palm nailer will also have a significant impact on the outcome. You need to ensure that you have sufficient grip during the entire exercise. Finally, the nose of your equipment needs to face out when you start driving the nails.

The units that have integrated hand straps will give you more control and grip. Buying such models will help you complete the work quickly and effectively. The nailing process is considerably faster when you have a secure grip.

4. The nailing process

Start by choosing the right nails for the job. Understand that different types of nails are specially designed for various tasks. This is a common mistake that most beginners tend to make. It would help if you researched the types of nails that will suit your project.

The magazine design of your palm nailer means that the nails have to be fed manually. Once you have your nails selected, hold them in the other hand so that the process can go on seamlessly. The good news, however, is that feeding the nails isn’t hard.

The magnetic tip will ensure that the nails are fed into your palm nailer nicely. Place the selected nail on the magnetic tip, and your palm nailer will grip on to it correctly. Next, you need to position your equipment properly.

Push down your nailer with a firm grip, and it should drive the nail quite easily. However, note that the type of material you are working on will dictate the force required. The process itself takes a few seconds, thus saving you a lot of time.

5. The manual work

When using a palm nailer, the nail head might remain on the surface. Manual hammering should help you get the nail head entirely inside the material. Using a hammer to ensure that you get a smooth finish isn’t that difficult.

The manual work does not require a lot of energy. It will take a few seconds to finish nailing down the nail heads. You can then step aside and admire the fantastic work that you have accomplished. You probably didn’t know that the project could be done so quickly.

The pros and cons of using a palm nailer

Every piece of equipment will have pros and cons. It is vital to understand the different pros and cons of every piece of equipment before making a purchase. Well, below are all the pros and cons of palm mailers that you need to know.


  • When compared to regular nail guns, the palm nailers are lightweight and compact
  • A palm nailer has better accuracy when compared to other tools
  • You get to drive nails of all different sizes from small to large
  • Palm nailers are designed for the common nails found in hardware stores
  • The magnetic holder ensures that you get the task completed faster
  • A palm nailer is affordable even when on a budget


  • The cordless models are less powerful
  • You have to load nails during the job manually
  • Slight hammering may be required

A few safeties concern

Always read through the safety features in your user manual. Yes, we talked about the importance of reading the entire manual. However, in case you don’t have time, then ensure that you at least take a look at the safety instructions

It would help if you had a tight helmet and earbuds when working with a palm nailer. Understand that safety gear is never to be overlooked. Getting side shields from your local store will also help increase safety while working.


Using a palm nailer is relatively straightforward and easy. Now that you understand how it works, you can start working on your project. You could also check out video tutorials to help you get a clear understanding of How Does A Palm Nailer Work. However, ensure that you purchase a good quality palm nailer that will offer you long-lasting services.

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