How To Fix Leaky Roofing By Using Nail Gun? Step by Step Guide

How To Fix Leaky Roofing By Using Nail Gun

Fixing a Leaky Roof Using a Nail Gun

A leaky roof can be rather frustrating for homeowners on a budget. Suddenly, so many questions start rushing through your mind. You can’t seem to decide whether to fix the leaky roof by yourself, change the entire roofing, or contact a specialist.

Today, I will walk you through how to fix leaking roof with a nail gun. Understand that fixing a leaky roof by yourself will save you on costs and time. You won’t have to call a professional, and the procedure is relatively fast. Well, let’s get started fixing that leaky roofing that is giving you sleepless nights.

Step 1: Identify the exact location of the problem

The first step is tracking down the exact spot on your roof that is leaking. Finding the exact location might be quite challenging, considering most people don’t know where to start. Your attic is one of the first places that you need to check. Note that it is relatively easy to identify the exact leakage location from the inside. This is because there are no shingles to obstruct your view.

Use a flashlight to thoroughly examine the underside of your roof. Look for light penetrations from the outside to identify locations with holes. Ensure that you identify darker locations as well, to help you seek out places with any leakages.

Note that black mold usually identifies spots with leakages. However, spotting the exact leakage locations is relatively simple when you have interior insulation. Identify deterioration and damage on insulated interiors is simple and fast.

Finally, understand that you might have leaky roofing due to poorly installed roofing nails. You must ensure that roof installation is always done by a professional with the necessary expertise and experience. Repairing poorly installed roofing nails can be rather frustrating and costly.

Step 2: Gather all the neccesary tools

Understand that the nail gun alone cannot fix leaky roofing. You need other pieces of equipment as well to ensure that the process is fast and simple. Some of these basic tools include a ladder, crowbar, flashlight, sealant, pliers, wrenches, chalk line, utility knife, tarp, hammer, and a nail gun.

Having someone to help you during the procedure is also a huge advantage. Ask a friend or family member to help you fix your leaking roof. Doing this will ensure that you complete the task quickly and effectively.

Step 3: Repairing your leaky roofing

Once you identify the leakage location, remove the nails holding the flashing in place. Use your hammer and crowbar to lift out the shingles around the affected region. Understand that you might have to remove multiple rows during this step.

However, note that you should proceed with a lot of caution when pulling out the shingles. Note that you might need to recycle the removed shingles, especially when you have a limited amount of new shingles.

Once you remove all the affected shingles, you need to install your new flashing before fastening them using roofing nails. Your nail gun will come in handy during this crucial step. The good news is that using your nail gun is quite simple and straightforward.

However, you need to stick to the original pattern used for your entire roof. Understand that you must take your time during this step. The nail gun will fasten the new shingles to ensure that your leaking problem is permanently fixed. Note that patching your roof, with chalk to fill the small holes, is a temporary solution.


Understand that certain areas will cause a few problems when installing the flashing. You will need to seek help from a professional if you can’t manage to repair such areas by yourself. Note that calling a professional will increase the repair cost by a small margin due to the services fee, but it can be your best solution in certain situations.

Fixing your leaking roof with a nail gun is quite simple if you follow our step by step guide. Ensure that you locate all places with leaks before you start the repairs. Doing this will save you a lot of time and costs.

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