How to Load a Framing Nailer

How to Load a Framing Nailer

When you are a handyman or are doing little DIY projects in your home, the number of tools you have to use to get everything done is very high. A framing nailer is just one of these tools you will have to use when working with wood and putting pieces together.

Now, the system of using this tool is a bit different than many others. Today, I will tell you how to load a framing nailer properly and use it in the safest way.

So, if you want to learn more about it, keep reading!

What Is Framing Nailer Used for?

We must use some specific tools for different tasks, and one of those tools is a framing nailer. Now, we don’t really get to use it on a day to day basis unless we work in construction and have to join or nail very large pieces of wood together; this is what the framing nailer is most often used for.

The nails are very long, much longer than the ones we regularly use. It is made into a length that can very easily go through even the thickest of wooden frames.

How to Load a Framing Nailer?

In this section, I’ll detail the process of loading a framing nailer.

Select the Nails

The very first thing you have to do when loading a framing nailer is properly selecting the kind of nail you will be using. There are two kinds you could opt for. Each of them has their own use and are made for different tasks. So, take the task at hand into consideration when selecting the nail.

You should know that the claw nailer and the stick nailer have different purposes, and they always have a different system of feeding. So, there will be a few differences in the way you would load the two.

Loading Stick Nailers

The process of loading stick nailers is pretty easy. You mainly have to know which is what and place the nails into the right spot. So, the framing nails for stick nailers will have a follower covering the area where you would place the nails.

You have to pull the follower back all the way, so you have an opening for the stick nailers, then you place the nails into the slot. After that, you have to drag the follower back till it’s right against the nails.

If you have ever seen how a stapler works, you would know what’s happening here. The follower basically ensures the nails come out one after the other as smoothly as possible.

Just keep in mind not to let the follower snap against the nails. What that does at times is damage the nails, and sometimes there might be some breakage. You do not want to see that after you’ve already nailed them in place.

As for loading the clipped head stick nailers, you have to do the same thing. Just make sure you are gentle with the follower. They are more likely to get damaged if you’re not careful enough.

Loading Claw Nailer

This step is a little more complicated than the other one. The framing nailers for these types of nails have a magazine. You have to place the nails inside a certain way to keep a flow when the nails come out one after the other.

Now you need to open the magazine doors; you will see space inside for the nails. The inside has been shaped in a way so it would hold all the nails. And the other end of the nailer needs to be dragged to the front. There you will see space/hole made for the first nail. This is where you will have to push it in.

Once you are sure you have placed everything in the right place, you can close the doors and secure them in place. And that is all it is for you to do here.


You might think it’s a little confusing how to load a framing nailer just by reading this; try it out and follow the instructions properly. After your first try, you will become a pro at it!

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