How to Use a Nail Gun | Safely and Effectively

How to Use a Nail Gun

If you are a woodworking professional, builder, or DIY enthusiast, you then realize the convenience that nail guns have to offer. With a nail gun, you get to carry out any project that would have instead used a nail and hammer, and it is especially useful when doing big projects such as fencing installation and framing your house. Moreover, these machines are usually powered either by electricity, gas, or compressed air, and they offer you increased stability and consistency, as well as considerably reducing the time to complete a project.

So, how can you best use a nail gun? Well, read through this article and learn about the steps to follow to best make use of a nail gun.

How to Use a Nail Gun | Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Load the nail gun

You should go through the instruction manual of the nail gun to better understand the machine’s mechanism. Once you have clearly understood the instructions, you should wear your safety glasses, and then using a nail strop, load your nail gun. Consequently, you should locate the magazine of the nail gun and then go ahead and insert the nail strip in. After doing this, you should close the magazine,

Step 2: Practice Nailing 

Switch on the nail gun to get a feel of its power as you practice shooting nails into a plank of scrap wood. As you do this, you should try and test out different pressure levels as well as applying the pressure for varying durations. Once you get well accustomed to the gun’s performance, you should go ahead and position its tips right next to the surface you intend to nail.

Step 3: Press the trigger

Hold the nail gun firmly with your hands while placing it far from your body. As you do this, confirm that you can place the trigger button with ease, after which you need to go ahead and exert pressure on the trigger. However, you should release the trigger immediately after the release of the nail to prevent shooting several nails at the same time.

Additionally, the nail gun also produces a slight kickback similar to a real gun. Because of this, you must never have it placed close to your body, that is either your chest or stomach to safeguard yourself from any injury.

Pro tip: You need to make sure that the nail gun’s position is even to that of the surface; that is, it is neither hutting out or crooked. Likewise, in case the nail is not even, you should go ahead and take it out and then try again, but this time exert more pressure.

Step 4: Carry on with the nailing 

You should carry on with the nailing until you have completed your project. As you do this, make sure the nail head is flush to the surface.

Step 5: Reload your nail gun 

If you are looking to reload your nail gun, you need first to disconnect it from its power source. After this, you can go ahead and insert the new nail strip. Doing this is vital as it protects you from any injury that might result as a result of the nail gun still being connected to power.

Safety tips to consider when using a nail gun 

Using a nail gun can be quite dangerous, especially if you overlook the essential safety tips you need to consider when you are using it. Therefore, in this section, you will be taken through the crucial safety tips that will guarantee your wellbeing while using this machine.

Get conversant with how the nail gun works

Whereas a nail gun is a simple tool, you should always handle it with extreme care as many workers injure themselves each year simply due to misfiring nails. Therefore, you should always buy a machine that meets the necessary safety standards. Consequently, you should go ahead and carefully go through the instruction manual to comprehend the tool’s basic parts and its safety features. Additionally, you must resist any temptation to install any modification on this machine.

Always put on safety gear 

The impact of the nail hitting the surface results in fragments flying in all directions. Because of this, you must always have safety goggles and a face mask to safeguard yourself. You also need to wear robust boots, gloves as well as have protective covers on your ears to protect it. Additionally, your workstation should be well-lit, slip-proof, and clear.

Always hold the nail gun correctly 

You must never position the nail gun close to your body because you might accidentally press the trigger, thereby firing nails, and this causes severe injury. Always confirm that you never carry this tool close to your body when climbing ladders, as well as making sure it is always disconnected when not in use. Moreover, every time you intend to transport this tool, ensure it is turned off, unplugged, and its safety catch is in place.

Safely store this tool 

Always store the nail gun far away from the reach of individuals without the necessary training on how to use this tool. Likewise, the storage area needs to be dry to ensure it does not get damaged by water.

Unplug the nail gun before doing maintenance 

Before you carry out routine maintenance or cleaning of your nail gun, always make sure it is turned off and disconnected. To do this, you should carry it to an organized and well-lit area, plus your nails should always be clean and rust-free.

Confirm the nailing surface is safe

It is important to always inspect the nailing surface before using your nail gun. This is because some of these surfaces might be covering gas pipes or electric lines.


After reading through this article, you now have an idea of how to use a nail gun. Additionally, you also know about the safety tips to consider to guarantee your wellbeing. Therefore, you are in a much better position now to use this tool to carry out any project that you were planning to complete effectively and within a short duration. As a result, you never have to worry about missing any job deadlines or the quality of work, and this is something that furrier makes this machine an excellent choice.

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