Numax SFR2190 Review 2021 – A Beginner’s Guide

Numax SFR2190 Review

Power tools mean being able to finish any project within a short time while not putting too much effort that would be required to use manual tools. The same goes for the nailers. For those who are in nailing mode, be it for home, DIY, and professional projects, investing in a nailer is a worthwhile consideration.

You probably have gone through quite a few nailer reviews. If you are particularly looking for an in-depth Numax SFR2190 review to know whether it meets your serious enthusiasm or professionalism, this article will answer all your queries.

The model is one of Numax’s flagship nailers, which is a versatile multi-purpose unit. Although the product is a framing type of tool, from decking to sheathing, you can use this same nailing gun pretty much for most projects.

Numax SFR2190 Review

Compared to other brands, Numax nailers provide value for money. There are other nailers from popular brands with hefty price tags out there. If you are to compare the price, SER2190 doesn’t have any close competitors within its price range. Let’s see if this nailer can stand against its competitors.

General Overview

The nailer here isn’t like most framing nailers that you see in the market. It’s capable of doing more than just framing. Apart from fencing, you can also handle decking, subflooring, sheathing, and other similar projects with great efficiency and convenience

It’s a 21-degree pneumatic nailer, which is mostly made of Magnesium. Interchangeable triggers make it suitable for both DIY and professional nailing projects.

Like other higher-end models, this one offers the adjustability to make sure you deliver the right amount of pressure and force to specific projects.

Technical Specification

  • Operating Force: 70-115 PSI
  • Required Pressure: 2.5 CFM @ 90 PSI, 3-gallon tank
  • Magazine Capacity: 55 nails
  • Fastener Size: 2 – 3 ½ Inches
  • Fastener Gauge: 10 – 12 Gauge (0.113-0.131 inch)
  • Fastener Type: 21-degree plastic collated round head fasteners
    Weight: 8.6 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 20.25” x 6.5” x 14.75”

Build Quality

No matter what type of tool you purchase, the one thing that you must check is the material used. For DIY enthusiasts and professionals, durability is a must when it comes to power tools. These are expensive to buy, and no one would like to replace the unit after a couple of months of use.

Numax seems to address the fact quite well and made this nailer with quality materials. The housing of the nailer is made of Magnesium. This material is way lighter than aluminum and steel.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t compromise when it’s about durability. Compared to aluminum, steel, and titanium, this particular material is more durable and reliable.

Ease of Use

You can work holding the tool comfortably. It’s just 8.6 lbs.; so, your hand will not feel much fatigue even when you use it for a prolonged period. Accidental falls, as well as little abuses, won’t be an issue for the unit at all.

To make you feel comfortable to hold the tool, the handle is ergonomically designed. It’s non-slip; thus, you will find a decent grip holding it horizontally and vertically. While driving nails, you won’t feel much vibration in your hand.


The nailer allows you to use different nails from 10-12 gauge of 2 to 3 ½ inches in size. Thus, apart from framing regular 2×4 studs, you can also use it for fencing, wall sheathing, box assembly, siding installation, floorings, and other projects as well.


Judging by the features alone won’t make any tool worthy of buying for heavy-duty projects. On paper, this nailer comes with some pretty good features. Let’s see how these features are going to benefit you to make you decide whether it will meet your requirements or not.

  • Depth Adjustment

Obviously, not all the workpieces that you will work with are of the same hardness. That’s why it’s important to adjust the nail driving depth so that the material doesn’t get damaged. Numax provides this convenience, which allows you to adjust the depth of driving the nails using the tool.

For each project, you can customize the driving depth to ensure a consistent and fast nailing performance.

  • Double Firing Mode

The nailer ships pre-installed with a single-fire trigger. If you are using the tool for home use or DIY, then the single trigger is more than enough. For professional and heavy-duty projects, you may need that bump-firing trigger to nail simultaneously without taking much time.

  • Adjustable Air Exhaust

Unlike conventional nailing guns, this one doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable with its exhaust system. To make sure your face doesn’t contact the air exhaust directly, the manufacturer implemented 360-degrees adjustable air exhaust. You can direct it to whatever direction you prefer for a convenient user experience.

Also, the exhaust system is useful for clearing debris from your workplace.

  • No-Mar Tip and No-Slip Teeth

Although these are two different features, they are basically quite identical.

No-mar tip takes care of your work-surface from dings and dents when you nail using a bit of force. Sharp tips scratch and leave dents on surfaces. So, this is something that you won’t experience while nailing whatsoever. You will achieve a smooth and even finish on the wood pieces.

When your projects require toe-nailing, you will find no-slip teeth to be beneficial. Once you remove the no-mar tip, no-slip teeth will make it easier to grip on to the wood pieces to make sure you can fire more securely.

Anti-dry Fire

This anti-firing mechanism doesn’t allow you to fire the last three nails to prevent the nailer from internal damage. Although you might not see this feature to have in other nailers, it’s worth having it for the sake of its longevity.

¼-inch NPT Fitting

The tool comes with NPT fitting out of the box. You don’t need to purchase any separate air hose couplers whatsoever. The nailer can be used pretty much right out of the box.

Anti-dust Cap

When not at work, this dust cap prevents dust and debris from making their way into the internal parts of the nailer. As worksites are quite messy areas, dust is something unavoidable.


  • Firing depth can be adjusted
  • Adjustable air exhaust system
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Durable magnesium material construction
  • Versatile nailer
  • Can shoot 21 and 22-degrees nails


  • Doesn’t nail well on wet wood, kickbacks a bit
  • Not the most lightweight option
  • Trigger needs to be replaced to switch firing mode
  • Fails to work well with smaller nails

Final Words

Considering the price you have to pay for this nailer, you get a whole bunch of features and specs that come with higher-end models. Although it has some limitations as well, if you want a nailer primarily for framing and occasional other uses, it’s a value for money deal.

Hope the Numax SFR2190 review helps you decide whether you should go for it or not.

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  1. I just purchased this model from an eBay seller. It shows minor external wear. The air source is adequate and the nails are 21deg 3” round head. Evrerything should work but the trigger won’t pull and the nose contact is fully retracted and won’t extend. I need advise.


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