Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy regarding privacy policy will inform you about the collection, use and disclosure of any data the site is associated with. The data is collected to improve the service and functionality of the website.

Amazon Associates Program operates through income earned in the form of commissions. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.You may find Amazon products, logos and buttons on this website, which are all trademark properties of Amazon. We use it to deliver service for user convenience and not for personal use.

Links to other websites

Upon browsing our site, you might find links to other sites that are not operated by us. We do not control or claim ownership of these links.The privacy policy of these links are not associated with that of ours. So, you may click and visit those sites on your own authority and the privacy policy of those sites.

Types of data we collect

Log Files and Cookies

We may collect usage data on every visit you make to our website. These are standard data parameters that include IP address, Types of browser and version, the time you spent on our site, device identification and the pages you visit.Such information is unidentifiable and doesn’t track user’s real information.We also use cookies and other tracking technologies to enhance the usability of the site. You may or may not accept the cookies and the control remains with you.

Some of the cookies we use are:

  • Advertising cookies: These are used to bring you relevant ads that you might have an interest in.
  • Session cookies: For operating our service swiftly
  • Preference cookies: For remembering your saved settings and preferences.

Personal information

As we do not sell any products, you are not obliged to provide any personal data to us. However, for the following objectives you might be asked to provide some limited data:

  • Newslettersubscription: If you decide to get all updates on our new content and offers, you will have to sign up for our newsletter. You will be expected to provide your email address in that case.
  • Comments: If you decide to comment on any of our blog post, you might need to provide your name and email address.
  • Contact us: When you contact us directly, you will need to provide your email address and name.

Data security

We use standard data protection technologies to protect your data. However, commercial data protection has certain limitations. So, we cannot guarantee absolute security. Your data is important to us and we strive to conceal it as best as possible.

Access to Personally identifiable information

Why we collect data?

We collect data for the following reasons:

  • To provide service and site functionalities.
  • To provide better customer support.
  • To monitor and understand our target users and serve them better
  • To find and identify technical issues.
  • To provide you with the latest offers and content that you might interest you.
  • To notify changes to our privacy policy or site ownership.

Data retention will retain your data as long as it serves the purposes noted in this privacy policy. We will comply with standard laws regarding user data retention. Generally, usage data and non-identifiable data are stored temporarily. Other personally identifiable data can be stored longer if you don’t withdraw the data.

Disclosure of data

We might disclose your data on certain situations that will not affect your privacy whatsoever.The might get involved in a merger or acquisition to a new organization. In that case, all the personal data we have on our site will be transferred to the new site owners. The website will be subject to a new set of privacy policies that you will be notified upon change.On certain circumstances, we might be required to disclose your information to the law and government agencies on requests. We have no control over these circumstances.

Third party data transfer

We might as well take services from third party companies. The parties involved will get access to our service and the related data.They will operate on our behalf and have no right to disclose or use any of our data for their own personal use.

Right to data change and withdrawal

You have the right to ask for withdrawing data that you provided to us. In that case, you clear all your browser cookies and contact us to withdraw any other identifiable and non-identifiable information.

Changes to privacy policy

We might bring changes to our privacy policies depending on our business policies. Such changes will be notified to you through our newsletter if you already subscribed.Otherwise, you will have to keep a look at our privacy policy section for any updates or changes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, feel free to contact us ​.