Ryobi p325 review For 2021

ryobi p325 review

Battery-powered power tools, aka nailers, are quite popular among DIYers who don't want the hassle of maintaining an air compressor for occasional to heavy-duty usage.

When it comes to nailing into frames, reinforcing joints, and installing trims, Ryobi P325 cordless nailer is worth mentioning due to its reliable nailing performance with great battery backup. Coming at an affordable price tag, this can be a good pick for most DIYers as well as homeowners who prefer to do nailing themselves.

Along with lots of features, there are some limitations as well, which I will address in Ryobi P325 review section.

Ryobi P325 Review

You will surely know whether it's the right pick for you or you should reach out for something else.

Ryobi P325 Battery Powered Cordless 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

General Overview

What I like about this nailer the most is its long battery backup, big magazine capacity, and ability to handle 16 gauge nails with great efficiency. The nailer offers some decent specs and features without the need to use any air compressor to power it up.

Let’s see if the features come beneficial for your nailing requirements or difficulty level. But, before proceeding into the review, let’s have a look at its specs first.

Technical Specifications

Nailing Volume: 800 nails per charge
Nail Size: ¾ to 2 ½ inches
Angle: 0 degree
Nail Gauge: 16
Magazine Capacity: 105 fasteners
Battery Type: Lithium-ion 18 Volt battery
Weight: 8 pounds


Cordless nailers, by no means, are unable to handle heavy-duty tasks, and this one from Ryobi is just another proof of that statement. With its powerful Airstrike technology, you can expect the tool to deliver some serious punch into hard and dense workpieces.

Whether the nailing project requires you to drive smaller nails of ¾ inch or bigger 2 ½ inches, the nailer just makes it happen without wasting much time while ensuring great efficiency.

One of the hazards that most nailers end-up having is the nail jamming issue. This is something quite unavoidable. To overcome the issue, Ryobi implemented a smart jam clearing mechanism that makes dealing with such hazards less time-consuming and effortless.

If you are concerned about whether the tool can handle large nailing projects or not, rest assured because this one can. The nailer can finish projects that require nailing 800 times within the shortest possible time.

You will find great results using the nailer for installing trims, framing, installing roof tiles, home renovation, and all finishing projects. So, considering its nailing ability, this is one of the most versatile cordless nailers you can get within this price range.

Battery Runtime

Before anything else, customers show concern about the battery runtime of any power tool.

Unlike most conventional ones, the overall runtime and the ability to drive nails per charge is quite impressive in this tool. Once the nailer is fully charged, you can drive 800 nails simultaneously, which is far more than what an average DIYer would require in a project.

The battery is an 18V unit. Unfortunately, the battery and charger are sold separately; you need to spend a few more bucks to get the tool nailed. You can power the tool using any of Ryobi’s battery line-up. If you own any of the Ryobi cordless power tools with an 18V battery, the same battery can power this thing up.


For more precise and smooth driving, Ryobi P325 comes with adjustable features to make it a versatile tool to deal with different workpieces. You can adjust the air pressure to smoothen the nail driving.

In addition to that, there is another dial option that allows you to adjust the driving depth. Depending on the hardness of the material, you can adjust the force to make sure the work material doesn’t get damaged due to extreme driving force.

No matter what type of material you have to deal with, adjusting both these settings, you will find a sweet spot to make driving enhanced and flawless.

These adjustments don't involve using any tool. You can tweak the settings without any tool.

Compatible Nails

The nailer is compatible with ¾ to 2 ½ inches nails of 16 gauge, which indicates the tool is mostly for heavy-duty nailing projects. Although the product isn’t priced like some higher-end models of other brands, you can still rely on it regarding larger and heavy-duty nailing tasks without any trouble.

As far as 16 gauge nails go, these are widely used by homeowners as well as DIYers. Most nailing jobs require 16 gauge nailers. So, for average household nailing and woodworking, Ryobi P325 nailer is all you need.

Dry Firing Protection

One of the reasons why nail guns have internal issues is due to dry firing. This is when the magazine is left with no nail, and you still pull the trigger to fire nails. Workpieces also get damaged because of the issue.

To prevent such inconvenience from happening, Ryobi implemented a low nail indicator to warn you about when the magazine is out of nails.

LED Lighting

To nail properly, you must ensure there is enough lighting to make you have a proper visual of the object. And if the condition is dark or dim, still the nailing won't be difficult as the nailer comes with an integrated LED lighting system. There is a separate trigger for this so that you don't accidentally fire a nail while turning it on.


  • Powerful enough to handle heavy-duty nailing projects
  • Satisfying battery runtime
  • Tool-free air pressure and nailing depth adjustments
  • Compatible with 16-gauge heavy-duty nails
  • Doesn't require an air compressor unit or fuel
  • Prevents dry firing
  • LED light
  • Fairly lightweight


  • Doesn’t come with a battery and charger
  • Cannot handle 2.5 inches finish nails well

Final Words

If you are to compare the tool with another nailer, hope this Ryobi P325 review got you enough information about its attributes and everything.

Being a versatile trimming nailer, it's packed with some decent specs and features that you won't find in other nailers within this price range. The ease of use, convenience, and durable construction will give its competitors a hard time beating this nailer, considering the price point.

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