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Best Palm Sander

The Best Palm Sander Reviews | Top 5 Picks

Wondering about upgrading your sanding game for your upcoming do-it-yourself mission? Pretty simple, add a piece of palm sander to your arsenal; you know why? Because this tool can help you to perform most of your woodworking tasks in a breeze! Whether you are a part-time craftsman or a seasoned woodworker, having this type of power […]

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best belt sander

Best Belt Sander in 2021 (Top 8 Picks & Reviews)

Imagine you’ve promised your hand-made treehouse to your kids for his/her next birthday. But when it was done, you saw nothing but a weird looking pile of wood sticking to each other. Especially, the finishing was nothing but a mess. Now, re-imagine the same scenario holding the best belt sander in your hand. We know what […]

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best drywall sander

Best Drywall Sander [ Top 5 Picks & Reviews ]

Are you planning to redecorate your home? Want to give your walls an enchanting look? Well, then you have to sand out the plaster. There’s no way out of it. But sanding an entire room by hand is very tedious and awful work. That’s not all of it, you’ll also have to clean up the dust […]

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Drum Sander Vs Wide Belt Sander

Drum Sander Vs Wide Belt Sander – What Are The Differences

The debate of drum sander vs wide belt sander is an old one that is still going strong. If you are a woodwork buff and you are looking to increase the tools in your arsenal, you probably already have come across this question. As sanding is a vital part of any wood related project, the importance […]

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How to Use a Belt Sander

How to Use a Belt Sander | Technique & Safety Tips

Belt sanders are a great addition to your workspace inventory for their efficiency and the ease with which they can be handled. Not only are they suitable for beginners as well, but they will also require much less effort and time on your part when compared to other kinds of sanders. However, knowing how to use […]

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How to Change a Belt on a Belt Sander

How to Change a Belt on a Belt Sander

Belt sanders are efficient and multipurpose tools found in almost every home. Though they do require some practice and getting used to, but to some people, they are much easier to use and require much less effort when compared to hand-sanders or other kinds of sanders. However, regardless of what anyone might say, it is a […]

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Best Drum Sander

The 5 Best Drum Sander Reviews [Updated for 2021]

When it comes to sanders, you will find that there are various types available out there. But if you need one to sand your wood flooring to a smooth and shiny finish, then a drum sander is a must-have for you right now. This is a powerful and handy machine, which will be a great […]

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best Sander for Hardwood Floors

8 Best Sander for Hardwood Floors in 2021 [Updated List]

Sanding floors is not an easy task at all, and definitely not when you are talking about hardwood floors. To make sure that you are not ruining your floor by sanding it instead of replacing it, you need to have knowledge about the proper sanding techniques, and the best sanders available in the market to […]

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Orbital Sander vs Palm Sander

How to Choose between an Orbital Sander vs Palm Sander

At the end of every woodworking project, there is always one final task that most men dread. That task is known as sanding. This is the process that you do in order to make sure that your final project has a nice and smooth wooden surface. It is absolutely essential that it is done correctly. The […]

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Best Sander for Cabinets

Best Sander for Cabinets 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

I know how it feels to be embarrassed by my own kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your home, so why have ugly cabinets? When your cabinets look outdated or like they’re falling apart, I know it seems like you need a lot of work done. But with a great sander […]

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